Martin Huxford Studio's 3D printed Viaduct Chandelier launches at designjunction, 1st floor, Stand F58.

British designer Martin Huxford's radical, industrially inspired Viaduct Chandelier and wall light was produced using traditional and new 3D digital design technologies, to refine the intricate design of the light and considerably shorten the production cycle.Exciting Partnership with CRDM, industry leaders in 3D Printing To bring the complex Viaduct design to fruition in as short a timescale as possible, Martin Huxford Studio have partnered with CRDM, industry leaders in 3D Printing and rapid prototyping. CRDM produced the Studio's full scale 3D Printed Viaduct Chandeliers. CRDM used selective laser sintering, their fastest prototyping technology to produce the Viaduct lights.

The Inspiration
The inspiration for the Viaduct Chandelier derives from the graphic patterns of classic industrial engineering structures, and specifically, the vintage Black & Decker Workmate. Transformed into an open lattice work of 3 chandelier arms, each of which supports twin shades, with a central tower-like structure to anchor the horizontal arms. The British mouth blown glass shades have been sandblasted, to continue the industrial feel of the design.

The Design
The starting point for Martin Huxford's design of this stripped back, yet structurally complex chandelier, involved the traditional tools of experimental modelling, sheets of cardboard, lots of glue, and equal parts inspiration and perspiration. The resulting 3D cardboard model was further refined using 3D CAD, producing a rotating digital model and a 3D printing file for CRDM to produce the first, full scale functioning chandelier.

Dimensions; Viaduct Single Tier 3 arm Chandelier w.85cm x h.35cm
Viaduct Double Tier 6 arm Chandelier w.85cm x h.60cm
Viaduct Wall Light 2 arm w.34cm x h.26cm

Established in 2014, Martin Huxford Studio launch new lighting & furniture designs at designjunction Stand F58.

Established in 1995, CRDM is one of the UK's leading and largest providers of rapid prototyping and 3D Printing across all industry sectors.

Visit Martin Huxford Studio on stand F58 at thedesignjunction September 18-21st

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Viaduct Chandelier
Viaduct Chandelier

Viaduct Wall Light
Viaduct Wall Light

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