Elegant Masculine Style The Breuer Chandelier Collection

Architectural, linear and modernist in style, the Breuer Chandelier Collection wears its innovative structure on the outside, like a refined Lloyds building, or the iconic Pompidou Centre. Martin traces his original inspiration even earlier, to the iconic Wassily chair design by Bauhaus legend Marcel Breuer. The result is a uniquely elegant architectural chandelier, with a formal linear grid structure, emboldened with decorative flourishes of solid brass links and fabric.

Whilst the inside-out innovative grid system evokes modern urban architecture, the overall structure of the Breuer chandelier is very classical. The symmetrical design mimics the elegant harmony of a traditional chandelier, complete with decorative formal fabric shades and solid brass decorative touches.

The Breuer design plays with the contrast between its complex architectural system of linear and curved lengths of tubular steel, and the solid brass link sections which add a chunky, jewel-like richness to the structure.

Finishes: Available in any RAL colour, with details in satin brass, antique brass, bronze. Made in Sussex, England

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Breuer Chandelier with Breuer Chair

Breuer Chandelier

Breuer Brass and Bronze Details

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