Martin Huxford launches Major Chandelier Collection

Fresh from the successful launch of our major new collection of luxury modernist chandeliers, sconces and table lights at Decorex International a few weeks ago, we would love to share our design highlights and inspirations.

Martin Huxford's innovative new collection of luxury centrepiece chandeliers draws on the architecture, sculpture and design classics of the influential International style of 20th Century Europe.

The Constructivist inspired Cadence Chandelier takes luxury architectural lighting to a new level, with a combination of rich textures, custom materials and sizes. The centrepiece chandelier creates an exciting linear dynamic, contrasting solid gold with transparent lucite, and mysterious geometric voids.

The Cairo Arc Pendant and the Breuer Chandelier are luxurious contemporary designs with a distinctive look and heritage.

Inspired by the radical geometry of Constructivist art, the Cairo Arc Pendant is designed from a series of flattened volumes and pierced jewel-like shapes, linked by linear tubes to create a graphic statement light.

Designing the Breuer Chandelier, Martin took the iconic tubular Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer as his guiding inspiration. The complex structure and solid brass links create a refined contemporary chandelier, with a sophisticated masculine aesthetic.

The new modernist Birdie Flight Chandelier by Martin Huxford is an abstract poetic design, a flight of fancy which suggests the movement of birds. Inspired by the great Alexander Calder, mobility and change lie at the heart of this uplifting design. The articulated arms and tilting Birdie heads allow the shape of the chandelier to be constantly rearranged.

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Cadence Chandelier
Cadence Chandelier

Cairo Arc and Breuer Chandelier
Cairo Arc | Breuer Chandelier

Birdie Flight
Birdie Flight

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