Cairo Spotlight

Cairo Spotlight

The Cairo is a radical reworking of the idea of a spotlight, no longer a hidden light source it becomes centrepiece and sculptural element in a room. Beautiful used singly and stunning when appearing as a multiple in rows.

Referencing the Constructivist and Bauhaus movements, the Cairo spotlight's innovative design focuses on a playful opposition of the pyramid and circle motifs. The distinctive pattened pyramid is hand welded solid brass, polished to create a jewel like finish.

Handmade to order at our Sussex workshop available in our finishes range.

Spotlight with 270 degree rotation, 90 degree tilt, fitted on gold plated brass rod.
Designed to be ceiling mounted, singly or as a series of spotlights.

Materials: Polished brass, lacquered aluminium.
Dimensions: ht.66cm x w.18cm x d.5.4cm (26"x7"x2")
Recommended Lamps: 3W G9 LED Bulb
Designer: Martin Huxford
Made in England

Cairo Spot LightCairo Spotlight CutoutCairo Spot Light Pointing Up